La Nena



Shipping: We are currently shipping across the U.S. See store polocies for further shipping information.

How long will it take to recieve my order? La Nena is new to the shipping game, and is working hard to find the fastest way to you. Thank you for your patience and understnading while we are in a learning curve.

Returns: Due to the nature of our products we do not accept returns. See store policies more information.

Are products manufactured? No, all products are hand crafted with love and care.

Do products containe food die? No, all products are natural, meaning no added artifical flavorings, or food coloring of any kind are added to our products.

What makes La Nena different from others? The creator has cooked in five star resturants, with vast knowledge of the fine dining industry. Creating not only a flavorful line but bringing back real ingredients to our drinks.

How is La Nena is Eco-Friendly? We do not claim to be perfect. We try our best to use biodegradable packaging as to not leave a forever footprint on our planet. We use recycled confetti packaging paper, as well as biodegradable & recyclable packing.


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